Connecting and Strengthening Community

Union Star Life Teachings Lodge commits to the Principles of Mino Bimaadiziwin and puts into action Anishinaabe culture, traditions and way of life.

On-line and In-community Services

Guest Lecture & Consulting & Research

  • Data and Network Sovereignty
  • Thirteen Moons and Council Fires
  • Anishinaabe Health, History and Healing
  • Indigenous Research Methods (Storywork) & Evaluation
  • Medicine Wheel Frameworks
  • Teaching Lodges and Building Community Governance
  • Ceremonial Jurisdiction & Onjisay Aki Relational Reciprocity 

Dreamcatcher 2020

Alchemy of the the Red Earth

I am currently working on Alchemy of the Red Earth ArtWorks.

Please email for Alchemy of the Red Earth commission requests and/or Workshop fees and scheduling for 2023.

The time has come to re-centre traditional knowledge in the present time and recognize this generation's inherent right to a future to fulfill their responsibilities and that recognizes their life potential and strengths.